Saying Hello to 2016...


I thought I'd make a cute little introductory blog post to bring in the new year. A rare blog post actually about me, which I never write.

2016 is a fresh new year and there are so many different goals I want to achieve this year. This year I'll be turning 20, which is nuts. I'm at the end of my teens and my childhood is practically already over so I want to start making memories that I can look back on when I'm older and think 'I'm glad I did that when I had the opportunity.'

Being mainstream as ever, I'm going by the 'new year, new me' cliché. I sort of want to reinvent myself, or at least I'm trying to so I feel the best that I possibly can about myself. I want to try go on a health and fitness kick, but I'm not sure if that's something I can stick to. I'm terrible at snacking and as a full-time worker I often reach for a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar for my lunch rather than a healthy salad or pasta etc. I want to try work out more, even if it's just a few quick sessions on the cross trainer I have at home or doing my 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD to improve my health overall.

As a veggie, my energy levels suck and I'm always tired and I'm probably not getting all the nutrients I need so I really want to work on what I eat so that I'll feel better after meals, not sluggish and grouchy. With that, I want to learn how to cook better. Me + a kitchen = a complete and utter disaster. I once tried to boil a pan of quiona, one of the most simplest tasks on the planet, but the pan ended up exploding halfway through cooking and I had a hob covered in tiny pieces of half cooked quinoa which was NOT fun to clean up! See a picture on my Instgram, here if you want to laugh at my stupidity!

Another goal of mine, whether I'll do it or not this year, is to travel. It's something that I've always wanted to do and whilst I'm still young I think this would be the perfect time to do it. I'm not exactly sure who with, as most of my friends are at uni and others don't have much of an interest in it, but I definitely want to go! My Dad has done a lot of travelling and the way he talks about Australia makes me really want to go and visit, so I hope even if I don't manage to go this year, then maybe next year. It's more of a scary thought than anything else as it would kind of be an out of my comfort zone thing to do but I really want to give it a go and explore the world.
(sidenote - neither of these pictures are my illustrations!)

There are a few career based goals I have for this year, mainly for me to actually work out what I want to do in life. I've never liked the pressure of being forced into choosing your life path when you're really young, so since I left school I've been working full-time in an office so I can work out what kind of career I really want to do. I like my job, and there are plenty of opportunities for me to move up at my workplace so I think that's what I might do. Right now though, I don't think I'll get taken seriously in a higher paid job or position because I'm quite young so I'm just going to stick to my job unless I decide that I really hate it and move onto something else when the time is right.

OH and of course, blogging based goals! This blog came about mainly out of boredom and it isn't something I take too seriously. My url comes from my Tumblr blog that I have used since I was about 15 years old. I never want to be a blogger, I sometimes just like using this blog as a form of therapy and if I'm bored it's a good thing to do to take up the time in my day. Obviously, being able to make money off of it is a big incentive for me to use this blog and I'm not going to lie about that, but I do enjoy blogging and I've always been a little bit of an internet geek on the inside so it's something I like sitting down to do. A lot of my posts are clothing based, and I love to share the clothes I see on the internet and put together inspiration boards, not only for other people but sometimes it's a really good way for me to store the things that I like or might want to buy. I'd like to hope that other people enjoy looking through them and find them helpful!

That is all, I hope everyone has a 2016 that is filled with happiness and health ☺

Chelsea x

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