The Best Vegan/Vegetarian Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


If it wasn't for these healthy headed food bloggers I'd be the vegetarian who simply just eats pasta and salad bowls for dinner for the rest of their life. These are just some of my favourite vegan and vegetarian Instagram accounts that I can always rely on to inspire me to eat healthily!

1. Ohsheglows
Angela Liddon's account is the equivalent of heaven for those who follow a plant based diet. Her recipes are not only meat free and dairy free, most of them are soy and gluten free and free of processed foods. Vegan delight! Not only does she share what she cooks, she actually has her own cook book 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes to Glow From the Inside Out' which is an Amazon #1 best seller

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Follower count: 240k

2. Olivehummer
Olivehummer, aka Siri Barje is a food fanatic based in Stockholm. Just one look at her food posts can make you drool! She's a pescatarian who shares snippets of her plant based but seafood filled diet. From scrumptious sides of salmon for breakfast to birthday sushi!

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Follower count: 29k

3. Pheebsfoods
Phoebe Conway is a nutrition student from Adelaide. She shares her love of food through her Instagram. There's recipes for both vegans and vegetarians on her page and her blog, filled with fruity goodness and delicious raw desserts to get you eating fit and healthy. She wants to inspire people to improve their health through nutrition without taking unhealthy extremes!


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Follower count: 69.5k

4. Elsas_wholesomelife
Ellie is a student dietician living and studying on the sunny Gold Coast. On her Instagram she shares her love for the wholesame life, filled with yummy salad plates and acai bowls so you can eat like Elsa. Her recipes are primarily vegan as she tries to live a plant based lifestyle whilst enjoying everything else in moderation!

Follower count: 86k

5. Raw_manda
The clue is in the title, Amanda eats raw. She's a plant based vegan and and lives a 'fruitfully vegan lifestyle'. She believes you feel your best by eating fresh and her Instagram page sure should inspire you. If that's not enough then she has her own blog full of her own recipes. Follow her if you're a lover of all things fruity.



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Follower count: 132k

6. Themintyanne
From vegan burgers to exotic fruit platters, her Instagram page is a good enough of a reason to turn anyone vegan. Her instagram is food goals! Follow her if you're looking for some fresh new recipe ideas for breakfast, dinner, desserts or for snacking. Her pictures are so good it makes me want to hang them up on my walls in the kitchen, is that weird?



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Follower count: 26k

7. Lifeofgoodness_
Tiana is a nutrition and dietetics student and she simply wants to inspire people to be the best version of themselves they could possibly be through leading a healthy diet and staying away from a quick fix. Her page is full of variety from raw cocao & mint cheesecake to rainbow rice paper rolls. Follow her if you're looking to enhance your love for veganism with some funky fresh recipes. 



Follower count: 9k

8. Mamtaseats
Who doesn't love anyone with a recipe for vegan cupcakes? If you want to indulge in some super sweet treats, maybe not so healthy but still completely vegan then this account is for you. It's still full of yummy breakfasts and tea time scrumpciousness for everyone to try at home!



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Follower count: 28k

9. Wholeheartedeats
Sophie is a West Coast girl living in NYC. She has her own blog and her goal is to allow people to eat healthily with it still being affordable. Her Instagram page is filled with springy goodness, all vegan, and the occasional artsy interior shots. 



Follower count: 31k

10. Lumadeline
Lastly, it's Madeline Lu. Her aesthetic is so on point that it just a quick glance at her Instagram page will make you want to eat everything she posts, literally. Never have I seen food look so pretty! From vegetarian Korean cold noodle soup to grilled corn and avocado toast, it's sure to make you want to get a slice of the vegetarian lifestyle!



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