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What to Wear to a Wedding 2016 - Wedding Guest Dresses & Outfits


There isn't a better excuse to get fully glammed up to the nines than for a wedding! 2016 has began and I'm sure a few wedding invites will be heading your way this year, if they haven't yet already. I thought better now than later to showcase some gorgeous wedding guest outfits, from traditional dresses to your not so typical jumpsuits to celebrate the special occasion.


Taking inspiration from the chic looks of Zoe Sugg and Niomi Smart at Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman's wedding to the classy all white attire of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters from Kim & Kanye's wedding of the century!

Continue reading to see my top picks of wedding guest dresses and outfits for 2016...

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Wishlist of the Week


Just for fun, I thought I'd share a few things that I've had my eye on this week and are on my weekly wishlist.

Check them out:

If there's anything you particularly like that's on this list or if there is anything that you are wanting this week too then share it with me!

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What to Wear to a Concert


So last night I went to see Adele at Manchester Arena and she was AMAZING. Her vocals are literally out of this world and she is such an effortless singer. She doesn't half have a gob and a half on her when she speaks, but when she sings she just sounds angelic! It is magical.

Just a little pic, taken from my Instagram @chelsealaurennn and there's a video up on there too, if you want to take a look.

Back to the actual post, going inspired me to share some different concert outfit ideas and pieces that you could wear to a concert from some of our much loved favourite British online stores. I like the more casual dressed down but still dressed up vibe, I'm not a fan of people who wear a mini dress, bare legs and 10 inch heels to an Adele concert.