wednesday wishlist

Wishlist Wednesday #1


Today is my first post in what I hope to be many in the series of my Wednesday wishlists. Wishlist #1 is dedicated to literally anything I've seen that I really really want!







If you like anything or have an specific wants of your own then leave them in the comments below! x


Get Your Gym On! | Sportswear for Women 2016


It's by no surprise that the top New Years resolution for 2016 is fitness related. All over the world people are setting goals for weight loss, to eat healthier or to work out more. What better way to motivate yourself to hit the gym than by having some fresh new gym gear? If a brand new pair of Nike Roshe Runs won't motivate you, then what will?!


I'm going to show you the best sportswear and trendiest gym clothing from online high street stores, for the girl who likes an occasional trip to the gym, but isn't a total gym freak.







Saying Hello to 2016...


I thought I'd make a cute little introductory blog post to bring in the new year. A rare blog post actually about me, which I never write.

2016 is a fresh new year and there are so many different goals I want to achieve this year. This year I'll be turning 20, which is nuts. I'm at the end of my teens and my childhood is practically already over so I want to start making memories that I can look back on when I'm older and think 'I'm glad I did that when I had the opportunity.'

Being mainstream as ever, I'm going by the 'new year, new me' cliché. I sort of want to reinvent myself, or at least I'm trying to so I feel the best that I possibly can about myself. I want to try go on a health and fitness kick, but I'm not sure if that's something I can stick to. I'm terrible at snacking and as a full-time worker I often reach for a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar for my lunch rather than a healthy salad or pasta etc. I want to try work out more, even if it's just a few quick sessions on the cross trainer I have at home or doing my 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD to improve my health overall.

As a veggie, my energy levels suck and I'm always tired and I'm probably not getting all the nutrients I need so I really want to work on what I eat so that I'll feel better after meals, not sluggish and grouchy. With that, I want to learn how to cook better. Me + a kitchen = a complete and utter disaster. I once tried to boil a pan of quiona, one of the most simplest tasks on the planet, but the pan ended up exploding halfway through cooking and I had a hob covered in tiny pieces of half cooked quinoa which was NOT fun to clean up! See a picture on my Instgram, here if you want to laugh at my stupidity!