London Fashion Week SS16 Days 1 & 2 Round Up


Days 1 & 2 - 18th September - 19th September 2015

We've seen New York, now the fashion month continues in London before hitting Paris & Milan.
If you haven't had chance to catch up on the first two days of London Fashion Week, here's what you missed:

Day 1 | 18th September 2015

Angel Chen Spring/Summer 2016

(Photos by Chris Yates)
This collection is definitely unique with a touch of cray cray. It reflects Chens eccentric character and showcases her love for bold prints bright colours. It reflects the quirkiness of fashion in todays society.

If you're feeling inspired by the bold colours, metallics and daring prints then have a look at what's on offer on the high street below:

 Jamie Wei Huang Spring/Summer 2016
(Photos by Simon Armstrong)


New York Fashion Week SS16 Favourite Looks


As New York Fashion Week comes to an end, I thought I would round up my favourite looks from the runway showcasing the hottest Spring/Summer 2016 collections!

Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2016

(Photos by George Chinsee)
For me, this collection screamed flower power and shouted Spring all over the place. It's super cute and girly with an array of different floral prints. Not only that but there were 30,000 flowers in tow, not only for presentation but the guests were able to take bunches of hydrangeas away too! Deborah Lloyd, chief creative officer, said that she was "inspired by the freshness of Spring" to create this collection. 

I also love Kate Spade accessories available at Selfridges - check them out below:

back to school

BACK TO SCHOOL: What to wear to College or Sixth Form in the Autumn


The last thing you want when you're back at school, college or sixth form is to turn up and be greeted by this look as soon as you walk through the doors because you literally threw on the first thing you saw in your wardrobe:

"Oh my god, Is she really wearing that, that's like... so last season!"

Of course, in a perfect world we could wear anything we want to college and not care whatsoever but sadly there are lots of b*tches who are judgemental over our everyday outfit choices.

Here are few items you could add to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe for this school season if you're not as lucky as I was and don't get to wear a uniform everyday!