Summer Bedroom Decor Ideas & Night Time Sleep Essentials


Recently, I've been watching way too many YouTubers like Gabby Lindley, Zoe Sugg & Niomi Smart and I've become a bit of a homeware geek - despite the fact that I live with my parents and the only room I can freely play around with is my own bedroom! So, I thought I'd inspire you with some Summer bedroom decor ideas and essentials to keep you fresh and cool in the summer heat. After all, you don't want to be cooped up in a dark and dreary room when the sun is shining through your window.

My top tip is to keep your room cool and lightweight, from your whole colour scheme to your bedding and other decorative bits and pieces. Calm coastal colours like these whites and light turquoise shades will keep your bedroom stylish but give the relaxed and beachy vibe that will leave you waking up in the morning wanting to hit the beach.
According to a Travelodge study people with blue bedrooms tend to get the best rest and wake up feeling happy and positive too!

The last thing you want is to jump into bed at night covered in heavy, hot and sweaty bedding. A nice light set of cool and crisp sheets are key to help you get a dreamy nights summer sleep. I recently stumbled upon Parachute, a bedding company, who deliver premium quality bedding at an accessible price so that you can get luxury in the comfort of your own home! One of my favourite sets is their Venice Set in Percale, it looks super soft and comforting and is just the perfect simple bedding set to keep your bedroom looking chic. For decor, add a cute little succulent plant to give your room an Instagram worthy aesthetic! Oh, and for every Venice set purchased, Parachute will donate a life-saving malaria net to Nothing But Nets!

There's nothing worse than the being too cold with the covers off situation and being to hot with them on, so on those particularly hot summer nights (which I don't get a lot of since the sun in England right now is pretty non existent) I will always keep my window open to keep the room nice and airy, then if I'm still too hot I'll pop my bedside fan on.

To add to the relaxing aura you want to create in your room, a quick spritz of the Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang room fragrance creates the perfect calming scent. If you didn't know, ylang-ylang is a tree valued for it's aromatic qualities and it's thought to calm the heart and nerves!

If you want to go all out on your decor and need a bit more inspiration, Pinterest is always a good place to start)! If you want to follow me you can, here.


To wind down at night time, it's always a good idea to snuggle up in bed and watch a bit of Netflix. Gossip Girl will forever and always be my favourite series, obviously not just because of Ed Westwicks charm and dreamy face. I actually got hooked on it last Summer and ever since I finished it in Winter last year I've missed it every day. Is that sad?

No night time routine is complete without a beauty essential, for me it's the 'Say Yes to Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment' for combination skin. I occasionally pop it on before bed, after a shower, or sometimes in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling as soft as a baby's bum and doesn't bring me up in millions of spots like some other products do!

Finally, it wouldn't right if I didn't include a night time read. I have to admit, I'm not a huge book fan and I'm more of an autobiography girl. The last book I read was Tanya Burrs 'Love Tanya', filled with little snippets of her childhood, her love story, beauty tips and yummy treats. Although, one book I'm wanting to purchase is The Mindfulness Journal, which is full of little exercises that can make your day easier - perfect for me seeing as I'm becoming a little bit of a stress head lately!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


15 Of The Coolest House & Home Items You Can Buy From Anthropologie


If I had it my way (and if I actually had the budget), I would have my whole house decorated with items from Anthropologie.

I mean, who doesn't want to be inspired to 'make it happen' when you're sipping your cup of Yorkshire Tea in the morning?

I didn't know there were such things as high end coasters but I think that if there were awards for the prettiest coasters then these would definitely come up tops. 

An urban out take on the classic map of London, giving you a definitive guide on the trendiest hot spots to visit and eat out at in the city.

Because who doesn't want a giant zebra head hanging off their wall??? (FYI totally not a real zebra)

I feel like if Beyonce had a room in her home dedicated to herself it would be covered in this queen bee printed wallpaper. At least she'd be able to afford the £70 a roll price tag...

Although if you did buy this bookshelf, I don't think you'd be able to afford the rent on your house.

Nope, I definitely can't afford this either with its £4,498 price tag. That's almost $7000 to you in the US.

I feel like I'd buy this just because I've probably seen it in one of Zoella's homeware hauls...

£10.99 for a book that will tell me what foods I should be eating to get my skin glowing? I'll have some of that. 

Apparently it illuminates when you put it underwater. If that's not enough to make you want to try it out then I don't know what is.

Not so great if you can't tell the time without looking at the numbers, but it looks pretty on a wall so who really cares.

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom book is basically a cute grown up adult colouring book. Colouring is meant to help as a stress reliever and helps calm you too!

"Anthropologie has such nice plates" Yeah, but if I buy their plates I won't have enough money left for the food that goes on them.

A helpful writing map for anyone who is a struggling but budding writer.

Does it look to anyone else like if you sat on it, it would be really uncomfortable like sitting on a big rock hard lump of wood or is it just me?

Shop the rest of what Anthropologie has to offer here.


The Best Vegan/Vegetarian Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


If it wasn't for these healthy headed food bloggers I'd be the vegetarian who simply just eats pasta and salad bowls for dinner for the rest of their life. These are just some of my favourite vegan and vegetarian Instagram accounts that I can always rely on to inspire me to eat healthily!

1. Ohsheglows
Angela Liddon's account is the equivalent of heaven for those who follow a plant based diet. Her recipes are not only meat free and dairy free, most of them are soy and gluten free and free of processed foods. Vegan delight! Not only does she share what she cooks, she actually has her own cook book 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes to Glow From the Inside Out' which is an Amazon #1 best seller

See more @ohsheglows
Follower count: 240k

2. Olivehummer
Olivehummer, aka Siri Barje is a food fanatic based in Stockholm. Just one look at her food posts can make you drool! She's a pescatarian who shares snippets of her plant based but seafood filled diet. From scrumptious sides of salmon for breakfast to birthday sushi!

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Follower count: 29k


What to Wear to Work in the Summer


As if it wasn't bad enough rushing around in a morning trying to do your hair and make up in 30 degree heat, you have to decide what to wear too! Finding something that's light and cool and won't make you work up a sweat but is still office appropriate is hard work. Shorts and mini skirts are obviously a big no no, keep it cool in wide legged trousers and light blouses. Feel inspired by The Hills finest Olivia Palermo's bold stripes combo if you're feeling brave enough.

Photo: ASOS/Splash


Accessories of the day | Marc Jacobs & River Island


Just a quick post sharing my favourite accessories.

I got this bag for my 19th birthday in May and I am obsessed with it. It was from River Island however the mint colour is not stocked on the website anymore, but they do have it in a black and burgundy colour here on their website!

Again, I also got this Marc Jacobs necklace for my birthday - it's from Harvey Nichols. I was given it match my watch (see below) and it's really simple but looks really cute! It's available here in black and other colours such as cream and aqua.

And this is my matching watch that I got last Christmas! I wear it every day - at work and when I'm out and about. If you hadn't gathered, I'm a lil bit Marc Jacobs obsessed! I think mine is actually from ASOS, but you can buy it at Bloomingdales. Or, for those of you in the UK you can pick it up at House of Fraser.